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Injection Molding

silicone molded example  Molding

Our staff can provide design assistance to help develop new ideas and products as well as working with existing products to produce them more economically. We offer low quantity to high quantity production runs.


We are a UL certified molder providing total traceability from raw material to final product.


Let 3D Plastics be your “one source” supplier for all your plastics needs, from concept to final product.


silicone molded example  Capabilities

As a custom injection molder, every job is unique. We produce products in many different fields including electrical, medical, consumer, and aerospace. We can work with your needs whether you require a single part or millions of parts. We often work with tolerances running .001 and lower.


Overmolding is a cost effective and often more efficient way of adding a sub-component into a molded part. 3D Plastics presently produces many of our customer’s products with metal and plastic sub-components molded in. It is very common to use threaded inserts, bushings, contacts, and plastic substrates. Many inserts typically range from stainless steel to brass to anodized aluminum. More often an overmolding application will have a softer plastic material molded over a rigid plastic material, giving the final product a soft feel and yet a strong rigid base.



silicone molded example  Equipment

We operate a modern facility using state of the art machinery ranging in size of clamp tonnage from 22 tons to 310 tons. Shot capacity ranging from less than 1 once up to 26 ounces.


3D Plastics, also offers secondary services that utilize various equipment to perform value-added services for the customer’s production runs.




silicone molded example  Materials

We work with a broad array of engineering materials such as elastomers, structural foam and filled materials as well as a vast array of different colors. We can assist you with finding a suitable material that best fits your need.


As a custom injection molder, every job is unique, we can work with your needs, whether it's one part or millions of parts. We offer testing services using your existing tools. We will test various materials that you are interested in evaluating for end use applications.

silicone molded example 

Why 3D Plastics?

With over 75 years of combined knowledge in the industry, 3D Plastics’ staff are able to assist with project development, product design, and determine what is the most economical way for your drawing to become a tangible product. We also offer a variety of additional services that can help give added value to your product. 3D Plastics is your full service supplier for all your plastic needs, from concept to final product.


Take 5 minutes and watch a short video on what 3D Plastics is about. Please like and share!!Special thanks to Stephen Hannemann of SMH Inc., LLC

Posted by 3D Plastics, Inc. on Thursday, November 7, 2013
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